Jessica Sorci
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 53881

Phone: (408)345-5572
Family Tree Wellness Center

431 Monterey Ave., Suite 7
Los Gatos, CA 95030
                            You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.
                                                                                                             - Galileo

Psychotherapy offers an opportunity to find meaning in the confusing, uncomfortable parts of ourselves. 

It's also a medium for expanding and sustaining wellness, energy and joy. 

You’ve become who you are today because it was absolutely the best way for you to survive and thrive in your early life. 

But perhaps those ways you constructed in order to exist are no longer working optimally for you?

Like any secure relationship, therapy has the power to rewire your brain to think and act in ways that are less reactive and more

congruent with your core values.  I am committed to working with sensitivity and honesty as I support you in your growth and healing. 

If you are in a crisis, I can utilize a more solution-focused model of therapy where we work quickly to patch the holes and keep you from


We can also work together over time to delve more deeply into understanding how you got where you are

and with awareness you can then move toward embodying an empowered and enlivened self - now.

I maintain the perspective that every human being has a wealth of internal resources located in their own body and spirit.

Jessica's areas of interest and specialization:

I have a particular interest in working with new parents who are in the process of adjusting to the role of parenthood and sleeplessness...
and all of the surprises that come with having a baby.  I have special knowledge in the areas of Maternal Mental Health, attachment, birth trauma and growing into motherhood/fatherhood. 

I also have a real affinity for working with couples, exploring the unique challenges that come with partnership and attachment, which sometimes includes the painful territory of separation and divorce. I enjoy working with young adults and navigating the expansions and contractions inherent in this exciting phase of life. 

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